Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Greg Kihn Band and their live cover songs

I was updating my entry from two years ago for The Greg Kihn Band's Byrds-like cover version of Bruce Springsteen's "For You" with a homemade video, which brought up memories of seeing them perform at My Father's Place in Roslyn, LI back in 1981. "The Breakup Song" finally got him into the Top 40, but his biggest chart topper, "Jeopardy," was two yearsaway.

Kihn had toured relentlessly behind behind five very solid rock albums before "Jeopardy" become a hit and he put on a hell of a show. Real essence of rock and roll, stripped down, all emotion and sweat.

He's now the morning DJ at a classic rock station in San Jose, CA, still performing with a band, and even with four horror novels under his belt! And his son's name is Ry, after Ry Cooder, so there's more serious cool.

Finally found out what the striking five-sided guitar Kihn is always playing as his trademark: it's a Vox Phantom XII.

Springsteen returned Kihn the favor by giving him "Rendevous" for the With The Naked Eye album. Kihn loved doing covers, not only on albums, but in concert too. Let me share with you some of those live tunes on video, and you'll see what you're missing from a long time ago.

"Rendevous" (Bruce Springsteen)

"Roadrunner" (Jonathan Richman)

"For Your Love" (The Yardbirds)

"Sheila" (Tommy Roe)

"Higher and Higher" (Jackie Wilson)

"Telstar" (The Tornados) (this video from 1978)

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